Encaustic Tile Information

Made from layers of cement, Encaustic tiles are often hand painted with patterns hydraulically pressed into the surface resulting in a large range of beautifully artistic patterns with some companies offering a bespoke design service.  They are known for their durability making them a popular option for floors. Like Ceramic, Encaustic tiles are generally very easy to clean and need little maintenance however being made from cement they are micro porous and so should be sealed to avoid dirt becoming trapped in the tile.

Services Available Include
Adhesive Removal
Adhesive Removal
Cleaning Encaustic Tiles
Cleaning Encaustic Tiles
Encaustic Tile Renovation
Encaustic Tile Renovation
Polishing Encaustic Floors
Polishing Encaustic Floors
Removing Grout Smears
Removing Grout Smears
Sealing Encaustic Tiles
Sealing Encaustic Tiles

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Recommended Cleaning and Maintenance Products
Tile Doctor Neutral Tile Cleaner
Neutral Tile Maintenance Cleaner
Tile Doctor Pro Clean
Pro-Clean Tile & Grout Cleaner
Oxy-Gel Cleaner
Oxy-Gel Tile Cleaner
Tile Doctor Remove and Go
Remove and Go Coatings Remover
Tile Doctor Nanotech HBU Remover
Heavy Build-Up Remover
Tile Doctor Rust Away
Rust Stain Remover
Tile Doctor Grout Clean-Up
Grout Smears Remover
Tile Doctor Burnishing Pads
Burnishing Pads
Tile Doctor Colour Grow
Colour Grow Sealer

Victorian Encaustic Cement Hallway Tiles After Renovation Restoring the Appearance of Encaustic Cement Tiles
Encaustic Tiled Hallway After Cleaning Encaustic Tiled Hallway After Cleaning
Encaustic Cement Floor Tiles After Cleaning Old Encaustic Floor Restoration
Moroccan Encaustic Cement Tiled WC Refresh in Barrhead
Moroccan Encaustic Cement Tiles Barrhead Before Cleaning Moroccan Encaustic Cement Tiles Barrhead After Cleaning

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