Made from layers of cement, Encaustic tiles are often hand painted with patterns hydraulically pressed into the surface resulting in a large range of beautifully artistic patterns with some companies offering a bespoke design service.  They are known for their durability making them a popular option for floors. Like Ceramic, Encaustic tiles are generally very easy to clean and need little maintenance however being made from cement they are micro porous and so should be sealed to avoid dirt becoming trapped in the tile.

Encaustic Floor Tiles Before Cleaning Encaustic Floor Tiles After Cleaning

Encaustic Tile Maintenance Products

Burnishing Pads
To restore the surface of Encaustic tiles use a set of four Tile Doctor Burnishing Pads starting with the Coarse 400 grit, then Medium 800 grit, followed by the Fine 1500 grit and very fine 3000 grit pads. Use a little water to lubricate and rinse between each pad.
Tile Doctor Burnishing Pads
Cement tiles are micro porous and so should be sealed with Tile Doctor Colour Grow which is an impregnating sealer that occupies the pores in to block dirt whilst allowing vapour transmission, it also has the added advantage of enhancing the colours in the tile. Please note a second coat of sealer may be required if the tile is very porous.
Tile Doctor Colour Grow Tile Sealer
Tile Doctor Concentrated Tile Cleaner
A phosphate-free cleaner formulated for everyday use that’s super-concentrated so one bottle is enough to make up to 121 litres. This neutral cleaner eliminates soap scum build up and hard water deposits when used regularly. The pleasant spearmint scent leaves a room smelling clean and fresh.
Concentrated Cleaner for Regular Use
Tile Doctor Rust Away
Rust-Away is used to remove embedded rust stains on any type of Stone or Clay based tile including Encaustic Cement tiles.
Concentrated Cleaner for Regular Use
Encaustic Cement Tile Renovation in Twickenham, Middlesex
Victorian Encaustic Cement Hallway Tiles Before Renovation Twickenham Victorian Encaustic Cement Hallway Tiles After Renovation Twickenham
Renovating Grubby Encaustic Tiles in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire
Encaustic Cement Tiles Before Cleaning in Chipping Norton Encaustic Cement Tiles After Cleaning in Chipping Norton
Renovating Grubby Encaustic Bathroom Floor Tiles in Sydenham
Concrete Encaustic Bathroom Floor Tiles Before Cleaning Sydenham Concrete Encaustic Bathroom Floor Tiles After Cleaning Sydenham
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Encaustic Tiled Hallway Before Cleaning Berkhamstead Encaustic Tiled Hallway After Cleaning Berkhamstead
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Encaustic Tiled Hallway Padgate Before Cleaning Encaustic Tiled Hallway Padgate After Cleaning
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Old Encaustic Tiled Floor Restored in Fulham
Old Encaustic Floor Fulham Before and after Restoration 5